Otter Polo

Do whatever it takes to be victorious!


Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

We recommend playing on an iPhone 5S or higher.

✔ For the best experience, each player should have a copy of Otter Polo installed to their device and be connected to the SAME local Wi-Fi network.
✔ The host player should tap the Start button to begin hosting a match. Each additional player should tap the Join Local button to scan the local Wi-Fi network for the host's game.
✔ Once connected to the host, each player must select a team and optionally a color for their otter before the match begins.

✔ An internet connection is required for all multiplayer modes. If you do not have internet access, you can still play against bots.
✔ This game is intended to be played locally, with everyone in the same room connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As players connect directly, firewalls on multi-router and public networks will likely block connections between players and should be avoided.
✔ Advanced players can play over the internet using IP addresses, however the host must be connected to Wi-Fi. You cannot host a match over LTE, 3G as no one will be able to connect to your game. Players joining in can connect using LTE, however it is not recommended.

For any additional information about the game, please email us at